Monday - Friday until 5:30pm

We like to keep our after school care program small - just 15 spots! We make sure every child has their individual needs met, including:

πŸ“ Snack upon arrival
πŸ“” Homework help
🎢 Music studio free play
πŸ₯ Ensemble rock sessions
πŸ–ŒοΈ Arts & crafts
🎀 Karaoke
😁 Bounce house
πŸŽ₯ Movies
πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈGroup activities
😍 Free play time

Our parents absolutely adore our program too!

We offer a local shuttle pickup service (only 10 spots available!) and bus drop off is available at our location from Ralston and Parker in the Harlem school district. We have no school day camp for the days when the kids aren't in school, healthy snacks, homework times and our program leaders are available through phone call or text messaging for any immediate communication needs.

Kids who are enrolled in music lessons can have them scheduled during after care. Those who are signed up for classes at KidsSpot (next door) can be walked over if their class time overlaps with after care.

After care is Monday - Friday until 5:30pm for children aged 4 years and up.

Our program is first-come, first-serve and spots fill quickly! Register now - we cap at 15 after schoolers!




As of 08/21/18, there are 4 open spots available.

5 days a week, Mon. - Fri.

1st Child: $170 Month
2nd+ Child: $140 Month

Unavailable at this time.

Due at the 1st of every month. Auto debit required. We are unable to give credits or refunds for days children are absent unless we receive a written notice by the 20th of the previous month. 


Our shuttle will pick up from your child's school and drop them off at our studio. Shuttle service is on a first come first serve basis and number of seats is limited. Shuttle service is available to children who come on a full time basis only (5 days a week.)

Bus drop off at our location from Ralston and Parker. Please call your bus company to make arrangements.


As of 08/21/18, there is 1 open shuttle spot available.

The open shuttle spot is only available for students who are either:

  • Kinnickinnick Student
  • Stone Creek/Ledgewood student that can be bussed to the owner's home in Roscoe and then the shuttle will pick them up from that location (Roscoe school district does not bus directly to our location)
  • Olson Park Elementary Student


Per Child: $100 Month

If you have more than one child signed up for after care, the shuttle rate applies to each school visited. i.e. if your children attend the same school, there is only one shuttle rate. If your children attend two different schools, two shuttle rates would apply.


To sign up for the after school program, please fill out the form for each child attending (1 form per child.)

Prefer a paper signup sheet? Click here.

Questions, concerns, etc. can be addressed by calling us at (815) 623-1000, filling out our standard contact form or sending us a message on our Facebook page.

First month's payment will be due upon form receipt. We will contact you within 48 business hours to confirm payment information and balance due. You will be contacted before you are charged.

Please note: We are unable to give credits or refunds for days children are absent unless we receive a written notice by the 20th of the previous month. 

Due to past issues, our policy now indicates that a child's spot will not be reserved in our after school program until a credit/debit card is on file in our auto debit system.

Looking for summer camp? We know just the one.